by Charlotte Jones

as part of the 2017 Philly Fringe Festival

September 8-24 at the Walnut Street Theatre Studio 5

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Set in 1920's Ireland, Airswimming is based on the true story of two women imprisoned in a mental hospital for daring to challenge society's definition of womanhood. Forgotten by the world, Dora and Persephone come together for one hour each day to clean and find connection. Through sheer force of will, friendship, and a penchant for Doris Day, they redefine their world and resist confinement for over 50 years. 

Airswimming explores female identity & friendship at a time in Irish history when mental health and women’s issues converged. Jones takes the imagined circumstances of two real imprisoned women and asks:

How do we express and accept ourselves when our freedoms have been taken away?

How can finding connection with another person help us better understand ourselves?

What does Doris Day have to do with any of this?

Airswimming speaks to the desire in all of us to be free from societal constraints, to dance and be weird and wacky with our best friends, and to find meaning in the most unexpected of places.